2014 Mini Workshops
Spring Mini-Workshop Series
Nadia- February 8, 2014 - Timing is Everything!!
                   HUGE Thanks to Nadia and everyone who came out to make this a great workshop and show!!!!!!!


 Known for her elegance and musicality, Nadia is a well respected and sought after belly dancer, instructor and choreographer in Southeastern Virginia and has developed a reputation for her precise technique.  She is co-director and co-choreographer for Saleema Habiba, a professional dance collective based in Hampton Roads.  The topic of this workshop will be "Timing Is Everything". Applying dynamics to your dance will keep your audience intrigued.  Using combinations Nadia will show you how slight variations in timing and intensity can turn a good combo into a great dance.  The workshop will also include how to build excitement in your dance without overworking the music or yourself.   A well planned performance should leave the audience wanting more, without wearing you out.  http://www.nadiaraksva.com

Naima Sultana - April 12, 2014 - Secrets of The Casino Opera
Naima Sultana, a performer and instructor from Charlotte, NC, has had a love affair with Mid-Eastern dance since 1994.  With a strong background in ballet and jazz, she loves the wide range of styles that belly dance offers, from cabaret to folkloric to fusion, and specializes as a soloist in American Orientale.  For this workshop the topic will be "Secrets of The Casino Opera" - The Golden Era of belly dance.   This class will focus on the styles of Samia Gamal, Naima Akef and Tahia Carioca.  Learn their "catchphrase" movements and how to incorporate them into combos.  We will explore the difference between style and technique and learn to execute the same combinations in different styles, such as 1940s Samia Gamal versus Modern American Cabaret by understanding how hands, arms, posture, muscle engagement and timing can morph the technique. www.rakssultana.com
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Time:  All workshops are scheduled from 12 – 4 pm (Doors open at 11 am)
Location:  West End Community Center, 8102 Ridge Rd., Henrico, VA 23229
Haflas (dance party) scheduled for all mini-workshops!!  Hafla cost:  $8.00 person (children under 12 are free).  Doors open at 7 pm – show at 7:30 pm.  Workshop participants are invited to showcase their talent at the Hafla (performers do not pay for Hafla).  Come prepared for a performance of not more than 6 minutes.  
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Vending Fee:  $45.00 per person per space (E-mail Alice at least one week in advance)
 Workshop & Vending Fee: $75.00 to vend and participate in the workshop.
 Scheherezade Imports will be vending at all workshops.
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